640px-Super Mario 64 Boxart

The North American box art for Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 64 Edit

  • Developer: Nintendo EAD
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: Nintendo 64, Wii Virtual Console
  • Release date: June 23, 1996 (JPN), September 26, 1996 (USA), March 1, 1997 (EU, AUS)
  • Genre: Platformer, action-adventure
  • Ratings: ESRB E (or Kids to Adults), PEGI 3, CERO A, ACB G

Super Mario 64 is a 3D action-adventure platformer game originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1996. It has currently sold nearly over 11 million copies and remains the best selling Nintendo 64 game to date. It was the first ever 3D Mario title and introduced many key 3D features like Power Stars, Ground Pounding, and Long Jumping.

Story Edit

640px-Peach's message

Peach's letter

The game starts with Princess Peach Toadstool sending Mario a letter, asking him to have cake in the castle with her. When Mario goes inside the castle, he discovers that Peach has been captured by Bowser and that he has stolen 120 Power Stars, hiding them in paintings.

After collecting a certain amount of Power Stars, Mario can fight Bowser in the Dark World. Mario beats Bowser here and repeats the process two more times encountering Bowser in both the Fire Sea and the Sky. The final battle involves Bowser giving up the final Grand Power Star and disappearing.


The cake shown after the credits

Mario flies, using the Wing Cap to the front of the castle and finally saves Peach. After viewing the credits, a cake is shown with Peach and Mario figures as cake toppers and the game ends.

Courses Edit

To discover the courses for the game, look at the page Courses in Super Mario 64 or Secret Stars in Super Mario 64.

Enemies Edit

New Enemies Edit

Returning Enemies Edit

Bosses Edit

For info on the bosses, see the page Bosses in Super Mario 64.


Mario faces Bowser

Mistakes Edit

  • If Mario speaks to Yoshi on the castle roof, Yoshi says "Mario, It that really you?" instead of "Mario, is that really you?"
  • If Mario only needs 1 star, the game will say "You need 1 more stars.