Big Bob-omb's Super Mario 64 DS model

Big Bob-omb (also known as King Bob-omb) is the dictator of the Bob-ombs and will not give up his precious Power Star without a fight. He takes pride in his fancy mustache and even comments on Mario's.

In Super Mario 64 Edit


Fighting Big Bob-omb in the original game

Big Bob-omb is fought at Bob-omb Battlefield as the first boss in the game. To defeat him, Mario must run around him and pick him up from behind. After tossing him a total of 3 times, the fight will be over. If Mario tricks Big Bob-omb into walking off the mountain, the baron will accuse him of cheating. He is never seen in the rest of the game.

In Super Mario 64 DS Edit

Unlike the original version, Big Bob-omb is fought twice in the remake. When fighting him as Yoshi, the player must grab the Bob-ombs with the dinosaur's tongue and spit them back at him. The second time he is fought, he can only be defeated with Mario, Luigi, or Wario and the same strategy from the original is used.